1. Lisa

    Do you offer an LDS Homeschool Curriculum still? I have Ten Boom Institute link on my blog post about LDS Homeschool Curricula. I noticed today that if someone were to be interested in a curriculum, they are now led to this site. Here at this site, no curriculum is offered.

    Do you sell one or do you not?

    1. Author

      Lisa, I helped create and write the curriculum for Building Heroes Academy which you can find here: It is not LDS but is character, principles and values based. I also wrote a course of youth and adults called Principles of Liberty and some reading programs which parents have purchased. I am working on moving those programs here so people could still purchase them if they’d like. If you’d like more details on Principles of Liberty or the reading programs please let me know!

  2. Dawn Marie Young

    Hi Audrey,
    I am wanting to purchase an additional copy of your Principles of Liberty Lectures. I am currently co-mentoring a class at Aspire Scholar Academy using your curriculum. It has been a wonderful class. Thank you for creating this amazing course. Unfortunately I have lost my video lectures and I don’t remember how to purchase them again.

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