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PHONE: FREE Lecture Conference Call

Lecture Title: "Three Tools for Finding PRINCIPLES in Everything You Read"

August 14, 2014- 7:30 MST/ 8:30 CST

JOIN US: 661-673-8600, Access Code 373301#



"Study Skills for a Principle-Centered Education"

Two Opportunities to Join Us:

LIVE: August 26 & 28, 2014- 1-5pm, Lehi, UT

ONLINE: August 25 & 27, 2014- 1-5pm MST




LIVE: LDS Homeschool Conference

Speech Title: "By Study and By Faith"

UCCU Events Center- August 8-9, 2014, Orem, Utah


ONLINE: FREE Conference

"Not Back to School" Online Convention

Hosted by Home Educators Council of America

Workshop Title: "7 Homeschool Principles to Conquer Your Fears and Doubts and Feel Confident and Successful!"

September 8-30, 2014 All Day Online 




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The Ten Boom Institute is no way related to or affiliated with the Casper ten Boom family or their descendents. We believe them to be a perfect model of individual
and family greatness and have used their name, picture and life stories to exemplify the principles we teach.